Thursday, April 30, 2015

Joining American Heritage Girls

So Tater officially joined American Heritage Girls. She received her Joining Award tonight. She was very excited to receive her award. I am so proud of my girl. Below are pictures of her award.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Week 26

   So this is the last week before Tater's 2 week break. This week we worked hard on learning our last 3 continents, spelling, and math and the ocean.
Can you count o-n-e, t-w-o, t-h-r-e-e.  We worked hard on counting and spelling this week. We counted one through ten. Amazingly, the hardest word eight, was the easiest word for Tater to get. We did some counting with blocks, and some fractions work as well. We counted, jumped, and learned our way through numbers.

  Speaking of fractions, she passed her math test. She has really excelled in her fractions work. When our break is over we are going to be working on time, or money. It depends on what my lesson plans entail.

   In science we learned about the shoreline. We learned about the plants, formations, and the animals that made their home in the ocean. We also discussed the shoreline and the types of sand that we could come across. We also did lots of crafts involving sand. It made some pretty cool pictures.

   We also finished working on Asia, Antarctica, and Australia this week. She passed her continent test, and we worked on learning about animals, culture, and weather of the 3 remaining continents. For Asia we made a Chinese meal, for Australia we made a koala bear, and for Antarctica we made snowmen out of marshmallows.

   Jr Bug worked on the letter 7 and the letter G. We counted, sand, watched, and colored. This has been an awesome week with school. I've been busy teaching, playing, learning and growing. Its been an awesome week. But, I am so reaqdy for a break. Jr Bug will still be doing school. We need to keep moving so he doesn't lose the momentum that we have started.

Displaying IMG_20150425_121452_857.jpg
Jr Bugs picture of his sister. 
Displaying IMG_20150422_122637_342.jpg
See the letter Gg in the corner, that was the letter we worked on this week. 
Displaying IMG_20150422_122626_483.jpg
Spelling words in sand. 
Displaying IMG_20150425_120903_984.jpg
After working with beach sand we moved to colored sand. 
Displaying IMG_20150425_121550_379.jpg
Tater's picture of her brother.
Displaying IMG_20150422_121109_545.jpg
Digging in the sand to find quartz and basalt. 
Displaying IMG_20150425_130040_788.jpg
Making an Arctic snowman. 
Displaying IMG_20150423_105810_114.jpg
Introducing the number 7
Displaying IMG_20150420_113931_922.jpg
Using media to learn about the letter G. 
Displaying IMG_20150421_194841_871.jpg
Cooking Chinese food. Learning about Asia. 
Displaying IMG_20150421_200742_958.jpg
And eating our food. 
Displaying IMG_20150423_125209_572.jpg
Making a koala bear...Studying about Australia. 

Well, its been a busy 9 weeks, so now, its break time. I will probably posty of Jr Bug's adventures in school, but it will be sporadic. Enjoy the break away, and see you in 2 weeks. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 25

   The week a poet was born. This week we took a walk into writing our own poetry. Tater came up with her own poetry, using different poetry stiles. We did rhyming, acrostic, autobiographical, and sensory poetry. She managed to come up with some AMAZING poetry this week. I was very proud of her poetry styles, and her ability to create some masterpieces at such a young age. Who knows. she may be a writer when she gets older.

We also worked on learning about seasons. We have previously touched on this in the past years, but this year we focused more in depth of classifying months into proper seasons, and how the seasons change and why the seasons change.

  Jr Bug learned about the letter F and the number 6. We managed to make a fish that went with the letter F. And we learned how to sing our alphabet up to the letter F.

Week 24

  We are back..and we've been eating, learning, counting, and coloring. Fractions and continents were the name of the game this week. We've been learning how to count and write fractions. We've been eating bananas and m&ms learning parts and wholes.
   In social studies we've managed to learn 2 continents...North America and South America. We've learned the countries located with each continent and the importance of each continent.
   In science we studied biomes, habitats, and environments. These things we are going to go in more detail in the coming years, so its good introduction right now.
   Well Jr Bug learned counting by eating m&ms this week. We also counted the bouncing ball and we counted our crayons. He learned that the letter E stood for Ellie the Elephant. A real busy productive week.
Stay tuned for next week when we write our own poetry. Until then.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Holy Week

    This week was Holy Week. The week that we prepare for the Resurrection of our Lord. So in honor of Holy Week, we learned about the most important thing: Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice and His Resurrection.
    In learning about these things, we spent some time in Matthew, Mark, and John. The kids learned about Matthew 28 and the cross. They learned about the cross and why the cross was important. We learned about John 3:16 and we made that verse about us.
    I asked the kids how much Jesus loves us. They didn't know, so I had them open their arms and I told them that this was how Jesus died. He opened up His arms and died for our sins. We also did Resurrection Eggs, we painted Easter Eggs. We also made a cross for Jesus to die on, we buried Him in a tomb, and then we opened up our tomb and watched how Jesus was no longer in the tomb. We also had an Easter egg hunt at home, in which the kids found words that dealt with the Easter story. 
   This week was not originally planned. God placed this lesson plan on my heart. I am so glad that He did. I think I really impressed upon the kids the love of Jesus. I really love the fruits of being obedient to God. He gives me the wildest ambitions, and then brings them into fruition.  
Displaying IMG_20150403_124153_678.jpg
The kiddos getting ready to dye Easter eggs. 
Displaying IMG_20150403_124418_994.jpg
Tater dying her eggs. 
Displaying IMG_20150401_111721_064.jpg
Tater painting her tomb. 
Displaying IMG_20150401_112411_139.jpg
Jr Bug painting his tomb. 
Displaying IMG_20150401_121249_758.jpg
Tater's Tomb in which to lay Jesus in. 
Displaying IMG_20150401_122534_663.jpg
Jr Bugs Tomb for Jesus
Displaying IMG_20150401_121413_769.jpg
Jr Bug put Jesus in the tomb. 
Displaying IMG_20150402_113027_890.jpg
Looking for Easter Eggs. 
Displaying IMG_20150402_112810_576.jpg
Tater is looking hard. 
Displaying IMG_20150402_112824_832.jpg
Look Momma I found one. 
Displaying IMG_20150402_112732_906.jpg
Both kiddos are ready to do their Easter Egg hunt.
Displaying IMG_20150402_113613_985.jpg
Jr Bug and his many finds. 
Displaying IMG_20150402_113607_997.jpg
Tater with her goodies. 

So that's it for this week. We worked hard, we learned hard, we worshiped hard. I truly do thank God for His mercy and His foresight over the course of this week. To God be the Glory. 

Now, next week we will pick back up with our regularly scheduled week. Week 24 for those of us who are keeping up and for those who aren't, just another week at The Vine Academy. 

AHG badge work

  So my Tater received her reward for all of the hard work she has done so far in AHG. She received the most badges earned.   
  She also received 11 service stars. Each service star is worth 5 hours of community service. That equates to 55 hours of service. That's quite a bit for a 6 year old.
  Momma is so proud of you Tater. You truly are becoming a woman of integrity.