Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 10

Wow we completed the summer semester. And now we are onto Fall semester. It never fails to amaze me at how much time flies by when you are having fun. I am super excited about what the Fall semester will hold for us. Since this will be our first week back after a 2 week break.

In light of that break we are gonna jump right in in some areas, and review in others. In Bible, we are just gonna start at week 10. No need to go back, just keep going further. We are still working on Romans 12: 1-5.

In math, we are gonna start subtraction families. We are jumping right in with this. So stay tuned to see how we turn out. In science we are going to learn about living/non living things. We will then focus on plants and what living plants need in order to survive. We are going to do a plant experiment in the coming weeks. I am very excited.

Social studies is going out of our textbooks. We are going to learn our new address and how to map things. We are going to learn what is on a map, and what we use a map for. We are also going to be mapping our room and mapping other areas in our community.

We are now in fall semester so we are going back to reading in The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teach Reading. This has been a good book for teaching reading so we are going to review this first week and then go from there. Can't wait to see how much Tater has retained.

Last subject is language arts. This week we are reviewing nouns and verbs. After I am certain that she has mastered these concepts we will be moving on to greater things.

 Stay tuned to see how we travel along our homeschooling journey.

Week 7

Some pictures to tide you over of week 7!

Meyers pumpkin patch

We went on a fall field trip to Meyers Pumpkin Patch last week. Here are some of our pictures from this trip. We had so much fun. We ate hot dogs and shopped around. And when darkness hit we went on a hayride anda corn maze. It was a perfect fall night!

An apology

I apologize for being incredibly late and behind schedule with blog posts, but we have moved and been sick. So we are just now getting started back into school next week However since we have moved i am posting pictures of our new school room. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I apologize for being late with this post. I have been incredibly busy the last two weeks and have been unable to post like I want to. So we are on week 8 and with week 8 we're learning about cops and butterflies! Our math is also dealing with cops and butterflies. Tater Tot is working on counting caterpillars and butterflies and fingerprinting.  That is basically it for a week 8. I will update on week 9 as time goes by I do apologize for the brief post but like I said life has been busy and have not been able to sit down and really post we will be taking our 2 week break after this week or next week.  I'll be able to post more have pictures and update you on our lives