Monday, April 14, 2014

Field trip to the skating rink

that's me
It was the end of co-op we needed to celebrate. We went to the local skating rink and had fun. 
Yes thats me with my little ones skating. This was the first time they had ever skated and many years since I had skated. We had a blast. 

Zoo week 26

We were studying zoo animals this weekin science class. And what better way to bring to life what we were studying than by visiting the Knoxville Zoo. So we went and learned about the elephants, zebras, monkeys, and the birds. We were actually able to see a blue McCaw up close and personal. We had so much fun. It was a great trip. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So I'll say this... I never planned on homeschooling. This was not my intent or my plan. I never wanted to homeschool. I only wanted to send my children to a school that would love them as much as I did. Care for them like I did and teach them how to survive in the real world. However, that's not what God had in store for my babies nor for me. God wanted us to grow and learn together. Everything I wanted for them to get from a public school, they get from me. They are cherished and loved. They are taught well, and above everything else, they are taught about God! I cant imagine them being with anyone else, I cant imagine them being loved by anyone else, and to be frankly honest, I am selfish and enjoy watching them push a nugget of fact into their hearts and brain to take seed and grow! I am thankful that I got nothing that I asked for but everything I needed. I am blessed that I get to see truth develop and watch them learn and grow! I am blessed that we get to spend their formative years together and that the highlight of their growing days will be memories that will be cherished with love, discipline, order, chaos, laughter, silliness, smiles, tears, books, and God! I am grateful that God loved us enough to let the idea of homeschooling take root in my heart and grow and grow and grow until it was a life of its own. I often say that I never planned to homeschool, but wouldn't change anything for it now! And that is truth. I WOULD GO THROUGH ALL OF THE GOOD DAYS, SAD DAYS, HARD DAYS, AND EASY DAYS JUST TO DO IT AGAIN.

And now I must go, because the school bell is ringing and I must gather little people from the land of recess!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 25

Unfortunately there are no pictures for this week. My cell phone has died and I'm on back order for a new battery, so no cool pictures this week. However, we did have an exciting week. We have been focusing on money and skip counting. Tater has accomplished skip counting by 5's and 10's. We've watched a ton of videos on skip counting, so we've been dancing and singing our way through math this week. Thank God for A much needed help. We've also worked on sentence structure, and writing this week. Tater has been practicing writing sentences to prepare her for next week. It's been an amazing journey to watch her learn how to read and understand sentences. I am so proud of her! In social studies, we have been studying about George Washington, the Father of our Country, and his importance to establishing America. We have moved from the Pilgrims to Washington. Science class has been amazing awesome and fun this seek. We have worked on a cooking unit this week. We have made scrambled eggs, guacamole, Jell-o, and butter from whipping cream. Its been a lot of fun. She's been learning about the changes that heat adds to ingredients, how to change ingredients without heat, and how science is in everything we do. I love to cook, so its been fun to pass on the joy of learning to my little bit. Next week we will be learning about zoo animals, and we will have a surprise visit to the zoo. Can't wait for the fun to take place. Hopefully I'll have my phone fixed soon and then I can upload some pictures of our learning experience.