Friday, August 29, 2014

They are my life....

From the first picture to the last picture, there is massive growth that has taken place this summer. I am constantly amazed at the level of maturity, growth, compliance, stubbornness, and Grace that these babies of mine often show me. They remind me of what resiliency, love, faith, and dedication look like. On a constant basis they challenge me to be better, humble me before the Throne of Grace, and remind me that life is worth living. And to you God, who has for now, blessed me with these.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Vine Academy Homeschool Contract

So, since our new school year is gearing up to start, I needed to put together a plan of action. Since we chool throughout the summer in a more relaxed setting, I am able to see what needs to be addressed in our "actual" school year. This summer hs prepared me to change some things in both Tater and I when it comes to school With that in mind I created a homeschool contract. This is a contract between myself and Tater that reflects those changes and will hopefully create a better environment for school. Both Tater and I will discuss this contract and will discuss the outcomes we both expect from this year. So with that in mind, here is the contract for us this year.

The Vine Academy Homeschool Contract

We understand that to be able to home school is a privilege. It is not a privilege given to everyone, but it is given to us from God. This means our faith, our family and our learning work together. It also means hard work, obedience, respect and cooperation. Therefore to honor God in our homeschool, we will agree to live by this contract during school hours.

I, Tater, want to homeschool. To do my part, I with Grace WILL do the following:
  • ·         Get started with my schoolwork and stick with it till I am done.
  • ·         Sit properly at my desk without being rude to others.
  • ·         Listen to mommy without interruption and complete the work as assigned NOT as I wish.
  • ·         Obey mommy the first time without delay.
  • ·         I will speak properly without whining and complaining while doing my school work.
  • ·         I will talk politely without screaming, yelling, or getting frustrated.

If I am unable to behave appropriately in school, I will have to accept my consequences of my behavior. These consequences will be given in love and in grace. My consequences will be as followed:
  1. My picture will be moved to the YELLOW part of the chart. I will be given a warning as to my future behavior.
  2. If I continue to misbehave, I will move to RED. I will then write 5 sentences about my behavior.
  3. If my behavior continues, I will then sit on my BED in my room, with NO TOYS until Mommy tells me otherwise.

I, Mommy, am willing to teach Tater, at The Vine Academy. To do my part, I will in Love and in Patience and in Gentleness do the following:
  • ·         Teach you what you need to know about faith, values, family and academics.
  • ·         Give of my time to plan, arrange, create, and present ways for you to learn with real curiosity.
  • ·         Discipline you to control yourself and to grow in love of God and respect for all that you are blessed with in your life.
  • ·         Teach you in both love and in patience.
  • ·         Give you fair choices for you to make when it comes to your learning.
  • ·         Remind you, and deliver the consequences of your behavior, if you choose to misbehave.

We the undersigned agree to this contract for the 2014-2015 school year at The Vine Academy.

So that's the basis of our contract. I plan to review it as the beginning of the year and then weekly, and anytime that behaviors (hers and mine) warrant the review of the contract. I'm praying that this is a blessing and a tool that will help to remind us of how blessed we are to homeschool. 

Ballet Class

So for PE class this year Tater is taking a traditional ballet class. She is studying the finer arts of moving with her body at Trinity Arts Center. She is very excited about taking ballet. As evidenced in these pictures. Let the school year begin.