Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 34

So this week we finished learning about birds. We even went on a field trip. We got to see, touch, and experience some real birds. We also made some crafts to finish our lessons on transportation. We've had an amazingly busy week.
We also spent time working on alphabetical order, on the letter o, addition and subtraction, and the number 13.
Its been a real busy week, we've had a lot to get through and a lot to learn. Like learning to be diligent to God's word and being diligent in school. Our character traits are really showing up in our every day lives. But since we homeschool we are finding that the school part of our day is only the tip of the iceberg.  That the rest of our lessons and teaching comes in with all that we are learning and doing.
So below, here are our pics highlighting our week:

Learning about birds:
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Watching a film about birds. 
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Jr Bug matching birds in his bird book. 
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Dancing and learning about birds. 
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The kids took a true/false test to answer questions about birds. If the answer was true they got to jump out of their chairs. 
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Coloring bird pictures. 
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We madde mommy birds to go along with our eggs in our nests. 

Our field trip to Parrot Mountain:
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A dove nesting on her egg.
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Jr Bug looking at 2 birds. 
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Parrot Mountain is a religious place that really tries to get the visitor to commune with God. One of the ways they do that is through various located Bible Scriptures. Tater is reading one of those Scriptures. 
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The 10 Commandments
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We were able to feed some of the birds while at Parrot Mountain. 
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Another dove perching. 
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Jr Bug sitting on the wall.
Displaying 20150620_135033.jpg
Jr Bug and Tater.
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Tater on the wall. 
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A rare day when I am in front of the camera and not behind. 
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Mommy with one of the birds. 
Displaying 20150620_135857.jpg
Tater and Jr Bug sitting in front of the manger where Jesus was born. 

Our transportation unit:
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Airplane craft
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Displaying 20150616_125536.jpg
Boat craft
Displaying 20150617_113212.jpg
Displaying 20150617_113256.jpg
Train craft
Displaying 20150616_130229.jpg
Reading about transportation. 

And for the rest of our week:
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Learning about the number 13
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Working on addition and subtraction.
Displaying 20150617_110619.jpg
Reviewing nouns. 
Displaying 20150617_103739.jpg
Singing about the letter O. 
Displaying 20150616_142446.jpg
A letter O craft. 
Displaying 20150618_122037.jpg
O is for octopus. 
Displaying 20150618_120916.jpg
Reviewing our alphabet. 
Displaying 20150618_111323.jpg
Learning our math using whatever we find. 
Displaying 20150618_111315.jpg
Building 13 towers. 
Displaying 20150618_105807.jpg
Displaying 20150618_105806.jpg
Math on the computer. 
Displaying 20150619_141249.jpg
The alphabet to the letter O. 

We sure managed to learn a lot this week. Stay for next week when we learn about the clouds. 

Father's Day

     So yesterday was Father's Day. A day known to celebrate fathers. Well, in our household, I am mommy and daddy. Yes, I am a single mom. My kids know that we are blessed that we God as our Heavenly Father and that He is a Father to the fatherless. My kids also know that while I didn't choose to be single,  circumstances beyond our control made us this way.
    But here's the thing, my kids also know that I love them enough for 2 parents, and although they may be missing a true man in our home, we have plenty of men who have stepped up to take that role in their lives. These men have defied the odds to love my children, like their father has been unable to do.
    So, with yesterday being Father's Day my babies made cards for me. They said to me even though daddy isn't here for us, you are, and we love you for that. Here are some pictures of the cards that my Tater and Jr Bug gave to me. The mommy who's holding down the job of both mommy and daddy.

Jr Bug's Card for mommy. 
The inside. 
The inside of Tater's reads I love you!

They made these cards at church. I was so touched and felt so loved to have recieved these special gifts from my babies. They adore me and realize that while I may not physically be a man, I am there for them both physically and spiritually. I provide for them in ways that others may not. I am there when others walk out. Their gift to me speaks of the gift of life, of love, and of appreciation. I am blessed to be their mommy and on this Father's Day, blessed to be a "dad" to them as well.