Monday, March 28, 2016

Holy Week

One of the great things that I truly enjoy about homeschooling is the ability to teach the most important thing. That "thing" for our family is Jesus. He is the root of all that we do. He is our center, our head, our hearts are to be found in Him. Because of that, we took this last week off of regular school and focused on Jesus and His redeeming story for our lives. This week, we discussed the purpose of why Christ chose to die for us, why He chose to lay in a borrowed tomb, and ultimately, why He chose to rise again. How His love was more than enough for us, How His love endured abuse, torture, and ultimately death, even death on the cross. But, that's not the end of the story, a story that shows His power in His hands, feet, and even His side. His love that removed the stone that was sealed, rolled away, and shown to the world.
This week, we watched movies on the Resurrection Story, we created a poster about the Easter Story, we dyed Easter Eggs, and most importantly, we went to church to celebrate Christs' Resurrection. Below are some pictures from our week.

The Story of Easter Sequencing Cards. 

Kids Easter Story Poster!

Our family at Church!

Watching Easter Story movie. 


Dying Easter Eggs.

Next week we will be back with our regular school!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 19

     Germs are everywhere... that's what we learned this week. We learned about types of germs how they are passed from one person to another, how to stop the spread of germs, and how germs come into contact with everything. We learned how to wash our hands, we did several experiments with germs, and we watched several videos on germs.
     We also practiced patience this week. Since our new fruit of the spirit is Patience we are practicing patience in our everyday lives!
     Tater has moved to American Girl Josefina. She is of Spanish descent, so in honor of reading this series we are eating Spanish  influenced meals every Friday.  We are also moving into alphabetical order in Language Arts...this will give her a head start on next year's spelling words, where she will be required to place each weeks spelling words in alphabetical order.
     Jr Bug moved on to the letter S for seeds and snake. He continued his practice of writing in his missing numbers 1-30. We also skipped reading comprehension this week. He has read so many books, it was time for a break.

Below are some pictures of our week...

Doing school work in the kitchen. 
 Learning about the letter S. 

So the next few pictures show this weeks fruit of the Spirit lesson is patience. We read Colossians 3:12. To illustrate this verse, we put on clothes. I had Taylor dress over her clothes, and Jason get dressed the correct way. We discussed, how God wants us to take off our sinful "clothes" so He can discard them, and in turn clothe ourselves in His fruits. We also discussed how when we try to put on God's fruit over our sinful nature we get hot, disgusted, and uncomfortable (Taylor dressing her clothes over her pjs).

 Some serious learning is taking place. 

This week and next we are learning about germs. We have watched several videos on germs, we've learned how to wash our hands, we've watched videos on how germs are spread, and experienced germs as a visible eye sore. 
The kids did an experiment in where they rubbed lotion on their hands. Then I gave them a small amount of glitter in which they rubbed their hands together. Afterwards, They touched me with their hands, which simulated germs being passed from one person to another.  Then, I had them dry their hands on a paper towel without washing them. The glitter "germs" were still present. I had them wash their hands with soap and water, and viola the glitter "germs" were gone. 

Learning how to wash hands.
Bread experiment...In this experiment, we used bread, and 4 ziplock bags named cough, touch, control, and contact. We put the bread in a bag for the control test. For the cough, we coughed on the bread, to get the viruses living in our bodies. For touch, we wiped our hands on the bread, without washing them. For contact, we wiped bread on the table where we sit at and placed in the bag,. Then we placed our bags in a dark area, and let them sit. The experiment takes 2 weeks to come to fruition, so at the end of next week week, we will check our experiment, to see what kind of germs grow. 

This set of pictures occurred on a Sunday. Homeschooling and formal learning is only the tip of the iceberg, the part that most people get to see.. What you don't see is the hours of planning, the prayers that go into schooling, by both the kids and I, the moments where you as people don't see the work that goes on behind closed doors, when the camera is off. It's the deeper heart of the matter. For my children, that means reading on a Sunday, when reading isn't required. Or learning how to write, count, and order numbers on a Sunday, when math is the furthest thing from my mind. These moments are the quiet moments of homeschooling, in which the children are truly learning, truly growing, truly seeing why my passion is homeschooling, my ministry is giving Jesus the ultimate control in teaching, training, educating my children. 

Next week, we will continue our study of germs by watching more videos on germs, we will also check on our bread experiment, continue our study on Patience, and work on missing numbers, alphabetical order, and Josefina, plus we will eat tostadas la pollo!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 18

So this week we learned all about digestion. We learned how the digestive system works, complete with an experiment. We also learned the important parts of digestion, and why we get hungry. We also finished our Fruit of the Spirit lessons on Peace. The babies were able to create the clay fruit for our study on Peace. The kids were also able to attach Peace to their lives.

Tater finished learning about American Girl Caroline, and the War of 1812. She also mastered addition with regrouping. A pretty big deal for my Tater. We took a break from Language Arts this week, but we will hit it hard next week.

Jr Bug learned the letter R sound, we also read books about Jesse Bear for reading comprehension. We worked on same/difference worksheets. Something he has really excelled at.

Below are some pictures from our week...

 Learning about Peace, attaching Peace to their lives and to the Fruit of the Spirit Tree
 Coloring the digestive system. 
Jesse Bear reading comprehension. 
Building a tower for fun during Social Studies. 
Writing with Hallie!
 Letter R

Making Clay "kiwi", for our peace Fruit of the Spirit. 

One of the ways I teach Tater math is by having her "grade" my work. That allows her to teach me, and allows her the ability to learn, without learning. 
Blowing out their Peace candles for the last time. 
 Sshh!! Learning is going on!
The kids made their own person with a digestive system. 

 We made a digestive experiment. We used paper for the esophagus, a ziplock bag for the stomach, water for the gastric juices, and a cracker for the food. The kids were able to break up the cracker to simulate chewing, then we stuffed it into the esophagus, and into the stomach. The kids were able to pretend to be the small intestine and got the fluid out, and then the large intestine to be the rectum.
Food in stomach.
Stomach muscles hard at work. 
Small intestine removing fluid. 
Large intestine and the rectum. 
Empty stomach, digestion is complete. 
Tater earning her Year of Jubilee AHG badge. 

See, a busy, busy, busy, busy week. Next week we have a different Fruit of the Spirit, and a new American Girl.