Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 5

   We are one week away from a break. One week!!!! This week we learned about the rain forest. We learned about love and we learned about Celilo Falls and the letter E. A fun, jungle like adventure that we had.
   Tater spent time learning about sentence structure. She passed her unit test with a 99%. We also learned and studied math. We are still struggling with math, so we are going to switch it up.We ae stating to work on Khan Academy. We will see how much better she does with the basics and hopefully we can move a bit faster.
   Jr Bug is learning about the letter E. He also started on Khan Academy. I am excited to see how well he does. I like the fact that Khan Academy has a Preschool/Kindergarten program.
   Both kids leaned about the rain forest, and even got to make their own rain forest this week. They also learned about rain forest animals, and the layers of the rain forest.
   Both kids are still learning about love. We have one more week to learn about love, and then we will move on to another Fruit of the Spirit.
   Below are some highlights of our week.

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Working on the letter E with Fruit Loops. 
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This in book 5 of  Kaya, American Girl, we learned about Celilo Falls. Taylor made a salmon fish to honor the fish the Niimipu caught. 
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Both kids are working hard. 
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The kiddos made a rain forest poster complete with animals. 
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Reviewing colors. 
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A song about God's love. 
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MSB and the Rain forest. 
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Coloring picture of God's love!
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Making their own rain forest. Well terrarium, but same difference. 
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The finished project. 
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Using the terrarium, Tater labeled the levels of the rain forest. 
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We talked about what real love looks like. We discussed that Love is meeting the needs of others. We compared it to a person being hingry and us giving them a rock to eat. How love equires you to truly meet the needs of others. I compaed it to Fruit Loops. The fruit loops taste like fruit, but its not real fruit. The same with love. It has to not only look like love. but be REAL as well. So then I had the kids write the word love with the fruit loops. 
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The best part of working with fruit loops is eating fruit loops. 

See, a great week. See you next week. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week 4

  So this week is Week 4. We are 2 weeks until break. 2 weeks. Not that I am counting or anything.
  But this week we learned more about love from the Fruit of the Spirit, we learned about the letter D, about "wyakins" and we learned about animals that live in the city.
  Tater continued her working on sentence structures. She also moved to double digit subtraction. She's been moving pretty well with double digit addition. I am so proud of her. And now we can add subtraction to the list. My little one is progressing nicely. In the Nez Perce culture children go on spiritual quests to find their wyakins. Taylor got to make her own wyakin, I'll show pictures further down the page.
  Jr Bug has been working on the letter D. He's also worked on patterns this week and we are still working on counting and number writing. My little man is moving very quickly through his ability to work and learn and play and learn. We also worked on learning how to clean up after ourselves. He learned to vacuum and did an awesome job at vacuuming. I am proud that we can add that one to learning checklist. See, the thing with homeschooling is that not all lessons are taught on worksheets. And they don't always fit in scope and sequences. But they are important lessons to learn. Important lessons that will be valuable in caring for your own home. And for Jr Bug, that just happened to be vacuuming.
  Both kids learned about animals that lived in the city. We talked about how animals need food, shelter, and water to survive. And how animals will find homes in whatever area they can. We went outside and looked around to see what kinds of animals we could see in the wild. We found birds, dogs, butterflies, squirrels, and possibly a deer. The kids did a wildlife worksheet while outside. Jr Bug was able to circle the animals and Tater had to write in the number of animals she saw.  We also talked about Love and the Fruit of the Spirit. Both the kids and I discussed how "Love will cover a multitude of sins." - 1 Peter 4:8. We also discussed how love includes the other Fruit of the Spirit. Without love there is no kindness, gentleness, patience, or self-control.

So below are some pictures that captured our week:
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Tater working on her wildlife worksheet.
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Jr Bug's wildlife worksheet. He saw a dog and wanted me to draw him one. 
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Tater telling Jr Bug that they were supposed to be quiet so they could see the animals. SSSHHH! Learning in progress. 
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Jr Bug showing the animals he saw. 
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Working hard on the letter D.
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Working on her double digits. 
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Writing his numbers. 
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Watching a video on LOVE and God. 
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This love coloring page had all of the Fruit of the Spirit listed on them. But the center was "LOVE" with the Scripture Colossians 3:14.
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Love:painting a heart. In Egyptian times, the heart was mummified because the Egyptians thought that the heart held memories, emotions, and thinking. 
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Language Arts:sentence writing. 
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Spelling: I make Tater use letters to spell her spelling words. It's good practice because she can physically touch her spelling words and it gets her up and moving. 
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Sequencing cards.
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Vacuuming: learning about caring for our home. 
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Jr Bug finished with his vacuuming. 
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The reason for the vacuuming. 
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Tater's wyakin. She said it was a dog guardian spirit. 
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We made bird seed cakes for the wildlife. 
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Counting fish. 

A really fun week of learning and counting and making a making a bird seed cake. A time of painting, and watching wildlife, and doing math. Plus continuing our learning of the Nez Perce. Stay tuned for week 5. More fun is coming up.