Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week 17

So this week we returned back to normal after an unexpected break. We worked on learning more about Peace, We learned math, spelling, writing, rhyming words for both kids, and we studied more on the War of 1812. We also had a birthday this week, so we took Wednesday off, and had Saturday school.

Tater had a spelling and math test this week. She finished Unit 2 of her math LifePac, and passed with a 99%. In Spelling, she also passed with a 99%. She is starting to learn about poetry in Language Arts, and she continued her American Girl Caroline series. We finished the week off by learning about the Star Spangled Banner, our Country's National Anthem.

Jr Bug learned the letter Q sound, and also practiced writing his numbers. We are going to continue practicing his number writing, and he also read the childhood favorite Goodnight Moon. A great book to learn about rhyming words and how we sequence going to bed.

Below are some pictures of our week:

This was school in bed. There are great joys when we can all climb in bed with Mommy and do school in bed. 
Tater working on math. 

Learning about the Star Spangled Banner.

Spelling on the computer. 

Goodnight Moon sequencing. 

Star Spangled Banner
 Math Work

 Writing his numbers. See his cape! He asked that I make him a cape, and he wanted to wear it during school. More joys of homeschooling. 

A Fruit of the Spirit Peace coloring page.
Writing his numbers. 
Tracing his lines. 
Goodnight Moon movie.

See, a busy, but fun week. Next week will be a fun week, we have a Science experiment that will concern our bodies! Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Big 5

This little boy turns 5 tomorrow. 5 years of laughter, joy, silliness and heartfelt hugs.
So in honor of him turning 5, here are 5 things I love about him.

1. His hugs are truly genuine. And they wrap you from the inside out.
2. He has a smile and a laugh that is so infectious.
3. His concern for others touch my soul.
4. He reminds me to be happy. All the time.
5. His love for his mommy, Jesus, and his sister are true, and holy, and beautiful.

Happy birthday son, Mommy loves you!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 16

     So this week we talked about our 5 Senses. We were supposed to be studying something else, but the beauty of homeschooling, is the fact that we can change one lesson for another, so this week, we learned about our senses, how they help us to perceive the world.
    We also continued our study in learning about PEACE. We've been having trouble in learning to be peaceful with everyone, so we are going to start again learning about PEACE next week.
    Jr Bug studied on the letter P, patterns, and same/difference math worksheets this week. Tater worked on counting money, and continued her review of addition/subtraction, counting, and greater than/less than. She also learned about paragraphs, and how to recognize a paragraph.

     Below are some pictures of our week:

Tater working on her 5 Senses worksheet.
Jr Bug working on his 5 Senses worksheet.
Coloring a picture.
Letter P do a dot.
Math Time!
The Holy Spirit Dove
Math Time!

That's all for this week. Next week will be the last week before we take our break time. 

American Heritage Girls Mid Year Ceremony

So Tater being active in American Heritage Girls, she had her Mid Year Ceremony. Tater won the following Awards...Freedom's Hero's, Native American History, 7 Cs of History, Toy's and Games, Creative Craft,  All God's Children, Bible Basics, Social Skills and Etiquette, Geology, Space Exploration, Zoology, RP3, Lock-Inn, Operation Christmas Child, AHG Serves. Pus, Tater earned 9 Service Stars. She must volunteer at least 5 hours, to earn one star, so she volunteered a total of 40 hours.

Below are some pictures of her Ceremony.