Tuesday, November 4, 2014


We have had a lot of changes this past few weeks. My service dog was hit and killed. We have had to deal with this loss to our family.
Then we moved to a new home and we are now in a 3 bedroom home and so while we've been moving school has been on hold.
Then last Friday I got sick and had to have an amputation of my hand and wrist. So school is on an indefinite hold until we get settled.
With all that's going on, I'm thankful for the ability to homeschool. There's no place where I can be comfortable saying that we can stop school and just be at home and learn how to readjust to life. But here's the thing... we are still going to learn, we are still going to read, we are going to school, but school may just be learning how to live with each other and how to adjust to mommas needs.

So life will be continued in schooling in a while. Just keep being patient with us in the meantime.