Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Tater Tot

Tater Tot you won't know this until you become a mommy but my heart has grown by leaps and bounds because God chose me as your mommy. I'm in awe of you. As you grow, as you change, as you become more of the child that God has intended for you to become, I am grateful that I get to watch, experience, and guide you in the process. My dear girl, I love you. I cherish you. Happy birthday 6th birthday to my Princess Oogie  Woogie.
So in honor of your 6th birthday here are 6 things I love most about you...
1. You are the child of my dreams. Whenever I would dream of my child as a child I dreamed of a girl. And guess what I got her and then some.
2. Your heart has grown by the way you share. You often think of others and I cherish that.
3.  You in your short life has have had to endure a lot. But you don't let that keep you down. You are resilient.
4. You are my smile when I've lost my smile.
5. You challenge me to be a better mom. A better woman, a better friend, a better child of God.
6. You keep me on my knees. While I often say that because you challenge me, I still say that because you of all remind me that without God I am nothing.

So that's it. At least for this year. Happy birthday baby.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 3

Oh my, week 3 has flew by, I am a week late on working on this post. So instead of trying to remember all that we have done, I'll just show you pictures of  all of our work. Next week will hopefully be more informative.

Tater showing off what we use water for. We spent some time learning about water, what we use water for, and about the water cycle. 
Spelling review
Learning about the water cycle and making a water cycle poster.
Again we have been working hard on what a neighborhood and communities are. Tater made a poster about what she sees in her neighborhood.
Her water cycle poster was so awesome that I had to hang it up!!!
Jr Bug working on the number 3. 
Jr Bug is still learning his alphabet...we are on the letter Cc
The first stage in the water cycle is evaporation. Which ironically is a hard process for children to learn because they can't really see it or feel we did an experiment to discover about the evaporation part of the water cycle.
Jr Bug is also learning about circles this week. 


This week we are earning another American Heritage Girl Badge. This badge is called Creative Writing. For this badge Tater ha to attend and participate in a story time. She also ha to interview a librarian about her job and get a guided tour from the librarian. Tater also ha to get a library card and check out a library book on her own. Here's the pictures of her working on getting her badge. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 2

We have completed week 2 and have started week 3. Time seems to be moving fast when you are having fun. 
This week we learned about objects that sink and those that float. We learned just why boats are made to float even though they are carrying heavy material. We also worked on creative writing. Tater came up with a poem about water. She also came up with a fictional and non fictional story about her favorite stuffed animal Hallie. 
In math Tater worked hard on learning her 2 familiy. Finally after a week she mastered her 2 family. Very proud of her. 
Social studies is still centered around communities. She can now identify different communities as well as define several community related words. 
Jr Bug has worked very hard on learning his alphabet. He can noe identify the letters A and B. He is also able to distinguish the shape of a circle. He's pretty cute at going around the house shouting out circle. Jason also knows his color blue. Mommas favorite color. 
Been a fun, hard, exciting week. Below are some pictures of our week. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 2

In science we are learning about things that float and things that don't. So to discover why and how boats float we did an experiment with pennies, quarters, and nickels. We had a flat piece of foil to act as one boat and a piece of foil with its sides folded up for another boat. Then we added money one at a time to see the threshold of each boat. We learned that 1 quarter will sink a flat boat while 10 pennies will float on a folded up boat. We also learned that quarters are the heaviest of coins that we have. And for bonus we added up our coins. Math and science in one lesson.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of Co-op

So today is the first day of co-op. Co-op is the "school" that my children attend. It is a wonderful place where my children are taught by other homeschooling parents. Tater is taking Health and Safety. This is a class that will cover safety basics and beginning health topics. She is also taking choir. Tater loves to sing and this is a win for her.
Jr Bug is finally in his preschool class. He gets to play and learn all at once. He gets to do art and gym as well. He had so much fun today. And he showed me his art project. He is such a big boy.

Friday, September 5, 2014

First week of school

This was our first week of school. We are now in the throes of Preschool and 2nd grade. This week, Tater learned her 1 family addition facts, she is still working on Scripture memorization, and she is working on nouns and verbs. Jr Bug learned about the color red, the square, the number 1, and the letter Aa. Its has been quite a busy week. Together they are both learning science and Social Studies. In science we learned basic properties of water. We got to experience how water acts in wind, and on wax paper in comparison to other liquids. We took a field trip on Friday where we walked around the neighborhood that we lived in. We also were able to distinguish between good and bad neighbors, houses vs apartments, and types of communities. 
Tater is working on a letter to give to someone that she is planning on interviewing, a community official.
Jr Bug showing the different ways we use water: at the beach, and rain. 
Jr Bug learning the big and little letter A.
Tater working on her reading...reading the word brass.
This is Tater's very first mat test. She worked very hard at learning the 1 family. And for her hard work she received a 100%.
I allowed Tater to grade her own test paper. She graded it in pen. This way I can reinforce honesty and her math facts all at once. 
This picture is us learning how water reacts to wind. On one side of the paper the paint was poured on the paper, and the other side the paint was mixed with water. We say that the watery paint was blown much farther than the paint by itself.  No matter how hard we blew. 
Tater working hard on her math test. 
Tater wrote the word brass, and then read the word. 
Jr Bug learning the shape of squares. I was ble to buy some colorful foam shapes, so we are able to work on colors, numbers, and shapes all at once. 
Jr Bug learning to write. 
Like Jr Bug, Tater also made a picture of the different ways we use water. Hers said that we wash dishes, we go to the beach, and that we drink water.
Jr Bug being "wind." As you can tell, e blew really hard on the watered down paint. 
One of the other properties that we learned about water is how water reacts to wax paper. As you can tell, water will bubble up and not soak through the paper. We also had a regular sheet of paper to tell the difference between the two. This was pretty cool and we got to add different liquid substances such as juice, oil, and water to also see how they would react to the wax paper. 
Jr bug writing the big letter A. He did a lot better with mommas help, but at least he is working and learning. I couldn't ask for much more than that.