Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 31

So this has been a week of fun. We have been working hard at finishing up the spring semester. This week we learned about the "AT" family. We also completed A Cat in the Hat spelling game. 
 It was a lot of fun. Tater completed her spelling words and was able to read her words. We also worked on addition this week. It was a review of some basic material that we had already covered. So for Tater she flew right past it. I was very proud of watching her complete her addition worksheet. We also kept up with our traveling around America by hitting Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland.  In science, we learned about the day and night skies.We also learned how the sun rises, how it sets, daytime, and night time. We have had a truly busy week. So busy that we took Friday off and played in the sun all day. Such a great and exciting week. 
Tater coloring in her map that shows where we have traveled to. 
The day and night sky. Tater coloring in her idea of the day and night sky. 
This is the book that we used when learning about the sun and what the sun looks like. So then we made our own Sun.
This is a picture of our map of the pictures that were taken while we are traveling across America.  
See, I told you, we have had a great and busy week. Traveling,spelling, and learning. Stay tuned for next week when we learn about our teeth. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 30

The school year is almost over. I can;t believe that we have survived. No, we have made it through.So this week we worked on the "AN" family. We've had a lot of fun with words like man, pan, ran. In math we finally finished studying our semester on clocks. Tater learned how to tell time to the hour and half-hour with analog and digital clocks. She has come so far over the course of this year. From counting to 100, to skip counting, to telling time. We are getting ready to move to addition and subtraction. Only the basics though. We are going to study this more in depth next year. In social studies we are using our imaginations. We started on a trip across the United States. We are going to hit some important places as we travel along this journey. This week we went to Massachusetts and New York. We spent the night at Plymouth Plantation. We learned that the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.We even got to see the Mayflower. Tater learned that Pilgrim houses looked nothing like our houses today, and that they did NOT have a stove to cook their food on. Pretty amazing. She was very excited about that. Next week we are traveling to Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee.  Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures this week.I promise I will have pictures for next week.  Stay tuned for our road trip.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week 28

So this week we started school again. We took our 2 week spring break.
This week we started with our spelling words. We started with the it word family. Tater picked up the it family fabulously. Then we moved to telling time. We started with learning our hour hands and then we moved to counting by 5's. I took great pleasure when she remembered her skip counting considering that counting by 5 was incredibly hard for her to grasp.
Then in social studies we discovered the ways America traveled. By horses, by cars, by trains, and plains. At the end of the end of the week we were able to put the inventions in order from oldest to newest.
See the apple pictures. In science class we learned about the apple and about God. We learned that  the apple has 3 main parts, the peel which protects the apple, the flesh which we eat, and the core, that when you bury one seed many apples will grow. We compared the apple to the 3 persons of God. God the Father who protects us. God the Holy Spirit who we can feed off of and become stronger and healthier in God. And God the Son, Jesus Christ. Who when He was buried causes many brand new lives. It was a beautiful study of God and His creation, and the study of the 3 persons of God.
We had a busy week. Stay tuned for next week.