Our Curriculum

Well its time to update our Curriculum for the 2015-2016 school year. Our curriculum is a choice of books that show and teach my children in a well rounded way. All of our urriculum first lifts up Christ as the head of our lives. It then focuses on teaching the child in a manner that is suitable to their needs. Their curriculum meets them where they are and focuses on excelling their strengths and fine tuning their weaknesses.

Tater Tot
 This year Tater is working from binders and school books.. In years past, I refused to use binders and would place everything in her folders. I chose this year to place her school work in her binders and have her pull her binder out for whatever subject we are working on. We are also doing something different for Social Studies and Science. In science, we are using the Magic School Bus as our main focus of study. I used to watch MSB when I was a kid, so its nice to be able to share this with both of my kids. We are also expanding the MSB with other activities that further expand our course of study.  In Social Studies I have decided that we are going to read the American Girl book series. I again, loved the AG series, so its a joy to be able to share this with my daughter. In Bible studies, we are focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit. We are focused this year on character training and using the Bible as our Guide we are going to learn God's way of character training.

So here is her course of study this year...

Language Arts -  Rod and Staff 2
Bible - King James Version for Children
Science -Magic School Bus
Math - Horizons 2
Social Studies - American Girls book series
Spelling - Learn at Home
Reading - Abeka
PE - Outside Play

Jr Bug

Jr Bug is a preschooler and a kindergartner this year. Some things that we are learning are on the kindergarten level. Some things are still on the preschool level. So this year he is both a preschooler and a kindergartner. He will participate in Bible and science with Tater and go on field trips with her.

Bible - King James Version for Children
PE - Outside Play
Phonics - Alphabet review
Math - Goal is to count, trace numbers, and begin early math skills
Science - Magic School Bus

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