Class Students

Here is The Vine Academy's current students. The Vine Academy is a select school that focuses on the well rounded child, with a whole focus on the Spiritual, the Physical, the Emotional, and the Mental well being of that child. The Vine Academy only accepts 2 children a year, and this year The Vine Academy accepted Tater Tot and Jr Bug into its ranks of schooling. Here is a quick bio on both children. 

Tater Tot
This is Tater. She is my oldest, and my girl. She has a fascination for all things purple, and all things "princessey". She will be in 3 grade this year.  Her goal is to be a Doctor when she grows up. 

Jr Bug
This is Jr Bug. He is in Preschool/Kindergarten this year. He's a sweet boy who loves to kiss his momma, and play letter factory.  This year the plan is for him to keep on growing and learning and being lovable. 

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