Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 22

So this week we got bloody...meaning, we learned about blood. Did you know that there are 4 main things that make up blood. Without all four things you do not have blood. We learned this and so much more. We also talked about how a snail is the perfect example of patience, and how God uses the snail to teach us patience.

Tater has continued working on Josefna Montoya from American Girl. Tater also finished her Rod and Staff English book, so we were able to move on . The firth thing we focused on was antonyms. Next week, we are moving to synonyms. Tater is still continuing with all of her other subjects. One of the other things that Tater is going to need to work on is her attitude and crying. Math class has been a challenge this week. We've had tears, yelling, frustration, and other musings during math. So hopefully next week we will be better.

Jr Bug has worked on robots this week. He's also progressed through his Kindergarten math book. He has moved on to addition, and has done very well in learning. Next week we are going to work on addition problems, and continue progressing our way through Kindergarten math. Jr Bug has also worked hard on his reading. He's read about 6 decodable books, and has worked through the short A family.

So onto blood...we have learned about red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. All 4 things that are needed in order for blood to be present. We made a blood vein, and we also looked at a drop of blood using food ingredients. A really cool lesson. The kiddos really enjoyed learning about blood and the body's need for blood.

Below are some pictures of our week:


Next week we are stay tuned!!!

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